6 Tea Blends (sample pack)

6 Tea Blends (sample pack)



Each pouch contains 2 tbsp of tea 

makes 2-3 cups of tea depending on you preferance from light to dark 

steep for 15 to 20 (longer for  stronger taste) strain and enjoy ! 


Love bug - Ingredients: *Peppermint, *Damians, *Red Rose, *Calendula, *Lemon grass (Organic*) 


Nourishing-  Ingredients: *Nettles, *Raspberry leaf, *Peppermint,

*Chamomile, *Dandelion root, * Oat straw. (Organic*)

High in minerals to support & nourish the body. This blend is safe for children, pregnant and nursing moms. 


Liver-  Ingredients: *Burdock root, *Oregon grape root, * Yellow dock root, * *Hydrangea root, *Milk thistle seed, * Peppermint, *Dandelion root & leaf. (Organic*) 


Relaxing-  Ingredients: * Peppermint, *Chaga, Reishi, Elderberrry. 


Digestive-  Ingredients: Dandelion root, *Fennel, *Peppermint, *Ginger, *Spearmint, *lemon Verbena. (Organic*)

Liver support, digestive, carminative


Brain wave- *Tulsi, *Ginko biloba, *Hibiscus, *Spearmint, (Organic*)

Helps with cognative function, antoixidant, adaptogenic, promotes clarity of mind.