ganoderma applanatum mushroom

ganoderma applanatum mushroom

ganoderma app. 
1 oz 
naturally air dried
eco friendly: compostable, resealable and reusable 
5x7 pouch 


some fun info :

Other names include white reishi, tree tongue, and bear bread. 

Whether bears actually eat this “bread” seems unclear, but wild gorillas do. Humans cannot, since the conk is not only woody even when young but also bitter.

 It can be made into tea or other products reputed to have medicinal properties similar to the famous (and closely related) reishi.

Traditional Use of Ganoderma Applanatum
Ganoderma Applanatum MushroomG. applantum has been used in a number of traditional medicine systems. In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), it is used to treat indigestion, excess phlegm, pain and reduce heat. 

The mushroom is traditionally consumed as a tea or a water-based extract. Its flavor can change depending on its host tree. Consuming G. applantum has been said to provide energetic warmth. 

It also contains bioactive triterpenes and polysaccharides that are being investigated for possible hepatoprotective, anti-cancer, immune-modulating, hypoglycemic, anti-fibrotic and antioxidant properties.

disclaimer: this is not medical advice use at your own discretion.