Nourishing Tea

Nourishing Tea

Nourishing / pregnancy tea

Herbal action: relaxes provide vitamins and minerals and support digestive, liver and kidneys.

This is a tremendous tea to support anyone especially women looking for a boost in minerals or  for drinking during pregnancy and if your trying to get pregnant. 

Rich in vitamin C, vitamin E, calcium and iron vitamin B, potassium, magnesium. 

Nettle is one of the most important nourishing herbs for the adrenal glands and the kidneys, which are often stressed during pregnancy. 

Calming mints and chamomile help relieve digestive upset.

Oat is Ritch in calcium and magnesium help relieve anxiety restlessness and skin irritation.

Dandelion contains vitamin a calcium and iron nourishing the liver and can relieve  water retention. 
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